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The market for image retouching has been growing worldwide for years. As in all industries, the price of the service you buy also plays an important role in image processing.We are an image retouching service for commercial media producers. Our focus in our work is on customer satisfaction through quality and reliability.

With our team of trained graphic designers/photoshop experts, we carry out clipping, color correction, masking and retouching jobs for clients from Europe and the USA on a daily basis. We process your images within 24 hours, in 3 shifts, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.Through targeted further training and the expansion of the technology, our customer also has the advantage of always being able to use the latest retouching techniques.

PixelSkalpell.com Image retouching, clipping Dhaka, Bangladesh, Asia

Our location in Asia/Bangladesh enables us to offer high-quality image retouching at a reasonable price. Social responsibility towards our employees is also important to us.In Dhaka, we always find highly motivated, talented new people who contribute to our success and whom we support with commitment. This enables us to offer European quality at Asian prices.

PixelSkalpell.com Crop Editing Asia

Image editing - Dhaka | Bangladesh

When it comes to image processing, the Asian region has become a reliable base. Especially in India and Bangladesh, but also in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. The large number of highly motivated, well-educated and mostly English-speaking young people should be emphasized.This fact has led us to decide in favor of this location. Added to this are the lower labor costs compared to Europe and the USA.

The flood of images has increased enormously in recent years. Our customers include online retailers and global fashion manufacturers in particular. However, more and more photographers and advertising agencies are also discovering the outsourcing of image retouching.For them, we mainly take over the cropping of objects and standardization of photos for platforms such as Ebay, Amazon and Co.

Retailers can therefore concentrate on marketing and sales while new product images are processed by our employees.

Your data is very important to us

All images that we receive from customers are stored in password-protected areas for processing and are automatically deleted after 14 days. The delivered images are only temporarily loaded onto workstations during processing and are saved directly to the customer account and deleted from the workstation after completion of the work.


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