Clippings exactly down to the last detail - products, hair, people, ...

For many years we have been doing the cutting for a variety of applications. Especially retailers need exactly cut objects for further processing in catalogs, websites or posters. Thanks to many years of experience in image editing, our team is not overwhelmed by any order. We do object-cutouts down to the smallest detail even with large quantities of images promptly and in perfect quality. We attach great importance to the details such as individual hair, exact edges and lines.

Alpha masking for further processing

For demanding cut-outs we use the technique of masking. This ensures that your images look good on virtually any background. We deliver your data as an open file with all path and transparency information. You then have the opportunity to place your own pictures of products or other motifs on any background. The technique of the alpha mask comes mainly with very delicate objects such. B. in clouds, hair, animal skins, plants, etc. are used.

We free your pictures from everything unnecessary

To successfully sell products online you need perfect pictures. Marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay and Co. have meanwhile exact specifications to the dealer concerning the product pictures.

In order for the advertised article to come into its own, disturbing elements and troubled backgrounds are not desired. We free your product images of everything that does not belong in and refine, if desired, with shadow and mirror effects. If necessary, we also remove scratches, dust and make a color correction.

We pay particular attention to all the details on the details. This is especially the case of hairstyles with blowing hair or complex objects such. B. for bicycles particularly important.

In order for your products to stand out impressively, each image is released manually by us. We use only paths for pixel-precise crops. The isolated objects can be placed on any background.

All images are delivered in any format and in any desired resolution and size. You can also get all images with masks or alpha channels for any custom edits.

This is what distinguishes our service

top quality

Our quality management ensures that the photos you receive are top quality.

Graphics professionals

All employees areprofessionals with huge experience in digital image processing.

Short maturities

Our graphic artists process large quantities of photos in a timely manner every day.

Easy Handling

You always have access to your pictures and can easily create new orders.

Top conditions

Through production in Asia we can offer retouching at very good prices.

satisfaction guarantee

If the retouch does not fail as expected we will correct until it is perfect.

Of course, we do not claim any rights to the media delivered by you. We do not expect any mention or mention of our retouching service. Your pictures are your pictures. The image processing is not as expected and you are not satisfied? It is our most important duty to remedy any defects. For retouching, where standards are difficult to define, that sometimes happens. Only when your photos are as you need them and ordered, is the job done for us. Of course, rework is not associated with any additional costs.

Kosten für Freisteller von Haaren, Produkten, Personen, usw.

Simple Clippings

e.g. Clothing, furniture, shoes, electronics

Cropping simple objects

From 0,95 €uro

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Extended Clippings

e.g. Jewelry, machinery, plants, animals

Crop extended objects

From 2,95 €uro

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Complex Clippings

e.g. Hairstyles, bicycles, people

Cropping complex objects

From 4,95 €uro

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What our customers say

“Thanks a lot for the professional work, especially Picture No. 2330 is a great success, but even 2335 has just become great.” Antje Kleinebrink, Frankfurt

“Once again I am very satisfied with the service and the quality of the work, which was certainly not the last order.” Kirsten Bonk, Oerkenschwick

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