Have pictures cropped

Depending on the subject, cropping images can be a complex and time-consuming process. The more complex the element to be cut out, the more work and dexterity is required. However, cut-outs are absolutely essential, especially for articles for the online stores of Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping and others. Shooting bicycles, baby carriages or similar objects often takes several hours. Of course, it also depends on the person taking the leave of absence. If you are very experienced in Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or similar software, this is certainly an advantage for the task. Nevertheless, time spent on this may be better spent. This is why many online retailers rely on professional providers who offer image cropping.

Have pictures professionally cropped

Our team not only has a lot of experience in cropping images, it also knows the common standards that have to be met so that images can be submitted to Amazon, Ebay or Google Shopping. Photos that do not fit these image standards are rigorously rejected by the platforms, which can delay the sale of the goods. And since storage space costs money and goods don’t get any younger, goods should be handled as quickly as possible. Having pictures cropped by professionals is often the better and cheaper way.

Crop images for online trade, photographers or private users

We offer image clipping for online retailers, photographers and also for private use. We not only pay attention to the details, we also observe the standards required for the use of the images. These vary depending on the online marketplace. For private users, the clipping tool is particularly popular for designing collages. Retailers need product images not only for online, but also for offline purposes, such as catalogs, flyers or brochures. Photographers also often use cropped objects for photomontages.

What does it cost to crop images

The price for cut-outs varies depending on the motif and the complexity of the work. If they are simple elements with straight edges or round elements that can be enclosed with a path, the financial outlay is usually not as high as the time required. If the motifs are more complex and have many details, cut-outs or complex structures, the costs depend on this. We offer 3 different categories of clipping plates in our online store. Simply select the appropriate category, upload your image(s) and start the order. The images are usually delivered as cut-outs within 24 hours. For those in a hurry, we offer an express service for a small surcharge.

Have pictures cropped online

The online store for picture freezers basically works like any other internet store. The difference is that you supply us with images and we return the finished, cropped images. Once we have received the order, we will start the job. As soon as our image processing is complete and the quality control has checked the result, you will receive an e-mail and can download your images. If rework is required despite the quality check, you will of course pay nothing extra. Simply tell us what was not done correctly and we will correct it free of charge until everything is done satisfactorily. You can remove the background in your pictures yourself online free of charge.

Have large quantities of images cropped?

If you regularly have a large number of images in which the background needs to be removed, use contact with us. We would be happy to make you an individual offer.