Freisteller und MaskierungFreisteller und Maskierung

Exact clipping of products, hair, people, ...

For many years, we have been taking care of the cropping for a wide range of applications. Retailers in particular need precisely cut objects for further processing in catalogues, websites or posters. Thanks to many years of experience in image processing, our team is not overwhelmed by any order. We take care of object clippers down to the smallest detail, even with large quantities of images, promptly and in perfect quality. We attach great importance to the details such as individual hairs, exact edges and lines.

In photography, prepress and computer graphics, cropping has the meaning that an object in an image is detached from a disturbing background. The resulting motif without background is called “cropping“. The effort to obtain a clean exemption varies depending on the motif and background. There are simple crops, such as a rectangular, linear object. It then becomes more elaborate with motifs such as jewelry or portraits. Laboratory equipment, bicycles or even skylines can quickly become a real challenge.

We are happy to take over this time-consuming activity for you. Almost overnight, we also take care of product clippers for online shops, catalogues and websites.

Fahrrad FreistellerFreisteller Fahrrad
Hand-laid clipping paths for an optimal result

Detailed clippers

We pay particular attention to the details of all crops. This is especially important when cropping hairstyles with waving hair or complex objects such as bicycles. To ensure that your products are impressive, each image is manually released by us. We only use paths for pixel-accurate clippers. The cropped objects can be placed on any background.

Remove irregular, complex backgrounds

Masking objects

For demanding exemptions, we use the technique of masking. This ensures that your images look flawless on just about any background. We deliver your data as an open file with all information about path and transparency.

The technique of the alpha mask is mainly used for very delicate objects such as clouds, hair, animal skins, plants, etc.

Freisteller PflanzenFreisteller Blumen
FreistellerFreisteller Pfad
we detach your image from the background

Swap Background

Even with complex constructions, it is possible to remove the background. To ensure that even the smallest details are preserved, we lay each clipping path by hand. In this way, we ensure that existing surfaces of the background are completely removed.

It is also possible to remove the debris from glass containers. This is how glass elements get their transparent appearance. We also exchange the existing background for any one.o

Your data is very important to us

All images we receive from customers are stored in password-protected areas for editing and automatically deleted after 14 days. The delivered images are only temporarily loaded on workstations during processing and are saved directly to the customer account after completion of the work and deleted from the workstation.

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If you have any questions about our service or need a quote, we are happy to help you. We are also looking forward to all other inquiries, e.g. if you may not have found something in the website. We make everything possible around cropping.

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