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Cropping hair is often an underestimated task. Depending on the existing background or .dem new slide, attention to detail is required. Hair is fine and is quickly lost in the picture. Our graphic designers are tested in the removal of hair and deliver results that can be seen.

Fashions change or the hairdresser has sold out in color? A new hair color is needed. We change the existing hair color to the shade you want. Our team will also be happy to take care of the spouting and replacement of hair for you.

Send us your picture, describe what should be done. We will send you a free and non-binding offer. Or order your retouching online here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Hair clippers are not without

The removal of hair is not rocket science, but it takes some experience to achieve a good result. The lower the contrast of hair to the existing background, the more accurate it is to work. For the removal of the background in hair, masking is usually used. This form of processing makes it possible to free even complex hairstyles from the background almost without loss. Thus, the clean installation on a new surface is feasible.

Hair colors, hair dyeing

Colors are sound and smoke

Hair colors are as diverse in nuances as the foliage in autumn. The possibility of digital image processing make the visit to the hairdresser superfluous. Our hair experts change hair to any desired shade. Color effects in hair provide eye-catchers. Our graphics team ensures that your hairstyle shots or hairstyling become eye-catchers. Send us your wishes on the subject of hair color exchange to

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All images we receive from customers are stored in password-protected areas for editing and automatically deleted after 14 days. The delivered images are only temporarily loaded on workstations during processing and are saved directly to the customer account after completion of the work and deleted from the workstation.

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If you have any questions about our service or need a quote, we are happy to help you. We are also looking forward to all other inquiries, e.g. if you may not have found something in the website. We make everything possible around cropping.

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