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Perfect picture direct after photoshoot is nearly impossible. There are always some unexpected elements like dust, scratches and light spots to find, or wished effects missing. Our graphic designers remove the imperfections and create e.g. shadows, reflections and refresh colors according to different situations via image retouching as well as other techinques to give the best effects of the pictures. From standard tasks like exposure compensation adjusting, skin smoothing, dust/spots removing to advanced editing till complete rebuilding of an image, our retouching service offer all the possibilities.


It’s difficult to find a published picture wihout retouching nowadays. A perfect picture is the eye catcher, and eye catching is the key of success in E- commerce, fashion, magzine/catalog and photography industry. Moreover, perfect pictures help the customers to better understand the products. To cope with this, we have specialist retouchers with good knowhow for different industries. There are professional graphic designers who only work on fashion photos. Likewise, on such as architecture, food, portrait and garment. We’ll give you the best satisfaction with short turnarounds.


In 1979, Michael Aldrich created the first online shopping system. Nowadays, the online marketing is growing at an unprecedented speed. The competition of Internet marketing gets more and more intense. The key to come to the fore at E-commerce is to catch the customers attention. For it, your images need to catch the eye in advance and represent perfectly for your products.

As a online shop owner, you may often have one article in many different colors. The customers have much better shopping experience, when your product pictures are consistent, which means the product stay at the same position in every image, the size are always the same big. Of course you can photograph the article in every single color,  but the economic and efficient way is image retouching, or rather color change. We recommend our retouching service. We restore highly your products in color and every small detail.

Furthermore, many platforms require pure white or monochrome background, and the image should be without mannequins. Our clipping path or masking as well as ghost mannequin picture editing services are then especially helpful. There are also many other requirements to fill. We show below the rules of Amazon, eBay and google shoppng pictures.

Productimage editingProduct Picture Retouching

Amazon image requirements

Amazon image requirements

The image size need to be at least 1280×500 pixels. The zoom function must be min. 500 and max. 3000 pixels at 72 dpi resolution. The full product should fill in the frame and covers 85% or more of the image. The image must not contain watermarks, logos, text, mannequins, frames and confusing additional objects. The background must be pure white. Amazon supports file formats including JPG, PNG and GIF. The maximum file size is 10MB.

eBay image requirements

eBay image requirements

The image resolution should not be too low. The image size need to be min. 500×500 and max. 9,000×9,000 pixels. The recommended size is 1600×800 pixels. The image must not contain text, frames, mannequins and consusing additional objects. If there is a watermark or logo, the size must be max. 5% of the image. The background should be pure white or light grey. The allowed file formats are JPG,PNG and GIF. the maximum file size is 12MB.

Google shopping image requirements

Google shopping image requirements

The image for clothing items need to be at least 250×250 pixels, for other non-clothing items should be at least 100×100 pixels. The maximum image size is 65 megapixels. The products should fill at least 75% of the image. Watermarks, logos, text, frames should be avoid. The background must be static and should not be too dark. Google shopping supports file formats including JPG, PNG, GIF,BMP and TIFF. The maximum file size is 16MB.


Productphoto EditingProductphoto Retouching

Drop shadow is one of the most basic image editing techniques.It creates a shadow or a reflection to the object, which is not easy to achieve via photogrphy, so that the object in the image looks more realistic and lively.

There are many different shadow effects like natural shadow, existing shadow/cast shadow, floating shadow and reflection. Each shadow effect gives different effection, but essentialy shadow effect gives the picture vitality.

However, imprecise proportion between the shadow and the object causes the picture unreal.

Refer to the left image, the watch in the original picture looks a little bit tedium. After we gave it a natural shadow and a reflection, it gets immediately more tridimensional and lively.

Our professional graphic designers help you to find the best solutions for your pictures. All you need to do are send us the picture, describe us your wish effects, and get the appealing picture back!


You may have the experience that the color of picture didn’t look completely the same as it in reality, or you got an existing item with new color or new surface in your online shop to sell. What will you do about this? Endure this imperfection, photograph this item for the new color or surface again and then spend hours on adjusting it to fit  to other variations?

For online shop owner, the incorrect color of the product causes sometimes complaint, and the imperfect shopping experience may bring the clients to your competitor. Here we introduce our professional team speciallist for online shop to help you prevent customer losing. Further more, we use our image editing techniques to add new color and surface accurately!

For potrait, art, food … images, they often want to express specific moods. The fruits look much more juicy in a vivid picture than in a gray one; the blue hues make the image appearing cold. Our team support you to creat the mood for your picture. Tell us what effect you expect, we’ll do it until you are 100% satisfied.

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Pete - e-Commerce
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If i need fast and exact clipping path service again i know where to find now. See you soon.
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Good to know that in urgent cases i can count on your fast support with my projects. Greetings from Amsterdam
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You guys are realy great. My underwaterpics are so much better now after you cleaned the water. Great job done!
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Better pics - more sales! Yes you are right. Thank you for your helping hands 🙂
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If i could give stars in here you whould get 5 for the perfect done masking of my wigs.
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Before i waste a lot of time with trying to make image retouching. Since i found you my job is much more relaxed 😉 Greetings!
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