The retouching service of offers different offers for the user.

You need a one off or occasional crop?

All those who need a one-off or from time to time cut-outs, have in our Freisteller Shop the opportunity directly online to enter your order. After receipt of the order and paid invoice, we start the order. The pictures are available for download within 24 hours.

Do you need regular cropping / retouching?

This service is aimed at photographers, agencies, producers and retailers. So to those who have more or less regular images for editing. In addition to the personal care, regular customers have different discount scales and a secure area for the storage of images.

Who can register?

All with min. 500 images per year to edit.

What are the advantages?

As a registered customer, you can easily create orders online or at your personal contact. You also have access to the file management and can always upload new images for retouching or download finished images. In addition, you benefit from special prices and discounts.

Is there an obligation?

No, there is no obligation. If you do not reach the required number of images for a regular customer in one year, you will only be assigned to a different discount level in the 2nd year.

What is the procedure?

After registration you will receive access data to your customer account and file manager. In the customer area you will find all invoices, offers and projects. The File Manager manages the images to be reworked as well as the finished images.


To start a retouching job, upload the images to be edited in your file manager. Best together with a text or PDF file containing information about the desired work. Alternatively you can also mark in example pictures what should be done. Our system informs us about your upload automatically. We will send you an offer for the order.


If you have released the order will be started. For recurring work in the same style and scope, we can also renounce the individual offer after consultation and start the contract for pre-agreed Tarif.Falls questions, we will contact you. Of course, you can always send us an email about your order or call us.


You will receive the telephone number of your personal contact after registration. Of course, your contact person speaks your language.After completion of the work you will receive a message from us that the pictures are ready and you can download the pictures. The billing takes place once a month for the past month. You can pay by bank transfer and paypal. The invoice contains no VAT. The reverse charge procedure applies.

Become a customer