Masking clipping

Clipping and masking

Image masking is a unique process to make the photos in the most presentable way. Image masking is a Photoshop process to hide some parts of an image and reveal some parts. It is a non-destructive process of image editing.

A professional photographer not only clicks a good and best photo, but also edits the image well. To give the photo a perfect effect, photographers retouch the photo with the magic hand of an editor. They completely change the effect, color and contrast of the photo to give it a good look. And even Photoshop has a certain effect, the masking service. This service is used to create the photo to give the base of the photo a perfect, flawless editing effect. Masking a picture is no easy task. Effectively masking an image is both time-consuming and strenuous.

Our team of hard-working creative artists do their utmost to fulfill the Photoshop masking tasks. The degree of difficulty in image masking depends on the image to be masked, as fine details are required. We have Photoshop tools and techniques to take the most tedious tasks and make them perfect. The photomasking effect is used in many ways. Some photographers use this effect to remove the background, some use it to give the photo a flawless facial expression, and others use it to completely change the photo.

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