Product release, image editing for e-commerce

Images are the first thing that the visitor of an online shop perceives. To decide to buy one of the products offered, only fractions of a second pass. Therefore, perfect images are essential for selling goods. In addition to the right exposure, optimal colors are an important feature. We make sure that your products look dazzling. Part of our team specializes exclusively in the retouching of product images and will be happy to help you get the perfect picture.

Anyone who offers a product no longer sells only in the store. We can see this in the growing number of product photos that we process every day. Better photos sell better. The customer decides whether to buy an item, not just with the mind. Especially when shopping on the Internet, he has to rely on photos. On platforms such as Amazon and Ebay, there are now also more requirements for product photography. Especially when it comes to products that are offered in different colors of the materials, surfaces, image retouching is a cheap instrument to create products in variants.

Have products perfectly cropped

Product clippers

Cropping often starts with the processing of product images. The cropped object is thus prepared for further retouching, or saved on a transparent or different background. Delivery is made in any possible format of your choice. Product clippers are created by us with a hand-laid path. Alternatively, hair, plants, or similarly delicate things are also freed from the background by mask.

Exchange of colors, surfaces, designs, ...

Creating digital diversity

It is not absolutely necessary to photograph every article. Through targeted image processing, an article can be displayed in various variants. In addition to the color change, every detail can be individually changed or adjusted. This results in a large number of article images quickly and cost-effectively. Of course, we iron or remove what does not look good. Our graphic designers will help you find the best solutions for your images.

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Products optimally presented and nobly presented

Product images in perfection

The shadow in the image is one of the favorable effects to give an object on a background more effect. There are many different shadow effects such as natural shadow, existing shadow/shadow casting, floating shadow and reflection.

Each shadow cast gives a different effect, but the essential shadow effect gives vitality to the image. Our graphic designers will help you find the best solutions for your images.

removing dolls, models

Hollowman Assembly

Especially in the fashion sector, there are various requirements for image processing. Fashion dolls must be removed and mounted accordingly collar and frets.

In addition, we take over the removal of production residues and stains and ensure that the article is clean. Our graphic designers will help you find the best solutions for your images.

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Your data is very important to us

All images we receive from customers are stored in password-protected areas for editing and automatically deleted after 14 days. The delivered images are only temporarily loaded on workstations during processing and are saved directly to the customer account after completion of the work and deleted from the workstation.

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If you have any questions about our service or need a quote, we are happy to help you. We are also looking forward to all other inquiries, e.g. if you may not have found something in the website. We make everything possible around cropping.

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