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Product image cropping, e-commerce retouching for Ebay, AMAZON, Google Shopping

Perfect product images are essential for online retail. In order to prevail against the numerous competitors for potential buyers, it is important to trigger the desire to order. As the eye is the most important sensory organ in the online purchasing process, the image that is offered for the item is important. Not only must the product be presented clearly and concisely, but there are also a number of criteria that must be met in order for it to be used in online marketplaces. This includes the following properties of the product images.

AMAZON product images must meet the following standards:

The zoom function must provide at least 1280 x 500 pixels. The image of the product should cover 80% of the total area, min. 500 pixels and max. 3000 pixels at 72 dpi resolution. The image must not contain a watermark or logo. No drawings may be used. The permitted image formats are JPG, PNG and GIF. The background of the images must therefore be #FFFFFF pure white.

The following applies to product photos on Ebay:

The image quality must not be too low. The long side of the images should have at least 500 pixels. However, 1600 pixels should be used for optimum display. If watermarks are to be used, they may not exceed max. 5 % of the image size. Just like AMAZON, the background must be pure white. Decorations such as frames or similar are not permitted.

Google Shopping product image requirements:

Product images for Google Shopping must not be smaller than 32×32 pixels. The maximum size is 64 megapixels. The images for clothing must have at least 250×250 pixels. Watermarks, logos or other overlays are not permitted. No frames are permitted here either. The presentation should be reduced to one item, sets are excluded. The background must be a single color and should not look too dark. Here, too, the article is best displayed on a white background.

General information on cropping product images

For all articles that are offered via product images, attention should be paid to uniform exposure. Noise, fingerprints, scratches or dust are always a detail that you should take care to remove before uploading to the respective platform. Therefore, pay attention to the specifications of the platforms when producing the photos. This makes post-processing easier and increases the productivity of image processing.

Have large quantities of product images cropped?

If you regularly have many images for the presentation of products in which the background needs to be removed, use contact with us. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.