Release of persons, bicycles …

For many years, we have been cropping for a wide range of applications. Retailers in particular need precisely cut-out objects for further processing in catalogs, websites or posters. Thanks to many years of experience in image processing, our team is never overwhelmed by any job. We take care of object freezers down to the smallest detail, even for large quantities of images, promptly and in perfect quality. We attach great importance to details such as individual hairs, precise edges and lines.

In photography, pre-press and computer graphics, cropping means that an object in an image is removed from a distracting background. The resulting motif without a background is called a “cut-out”. The effort required to achieve a clean crop varies depending on the subject and background. There are simple cut-outs, such as a rectangular, straight object. It becomes more elaborate with motifs such as jewelry or portraits. Laboratory facilities, bicycles or even skylines can quickly become a real challenge.

Detailed clipping


We are happy to take on this time-consuming task for you. We also handle product releases for online stores, catalogs and websites virtually overnight.

We use the masking technique for sophisticated cropping. This ensures that your images look perfect on virtually any background.

Remove background from glass

We deliver your data as an open file with all information on path and transparency.

  • Pixel-perfect clipping
  • Precise masking
  • Exchange of backgrounds
  • Remove backgrounds from glass

Masking of objects

The alpha mask technique is mainly used for very delicate objects such as clouds, hair, animal fur, plants, etc.

It is also possible to remove the background from complex designs. To ensure that even the smallest details are preserved, we create each clipping path by hand. This ensures that existing areas of the background are completely removed.

The background of glass containers can also be removed. This gives glass elements their transparent appearance. We can also replace the existing background with any background.


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