Retouching – photos better than the original

Image retouching is used when images need to be optimized or manipulated. The specifications are diverse and vary depending on the motif. This can range from a standard exposure correction to the complete reconstruction of an image. But details such as dust or scratches can also be a defect in the image and are therefore not welcome. Our graphic designers correct all errors in images and thus ensure the perfect reproduction of the motif.

If a photo is published anywhere today, it is almost always retouched. You can recognize a good retouch by the fact that you can’t see any of it. In order to do justice to this fact, we have teams of retouchers who have specialized in certain areas. We have employees who like to work on fashion photos or only work on fashion photos and have developed a very good eye and understanding for this. Our experts also cover areas such as architecture, food, portrait and consumer goods. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive the best possible result.

Beauty retouching

Beauty retouching

Thanks to many years of experience in digital image processing, our desktop publisher team has the ability to make beautiful things look even better than they are in the original through professional image retouching.

We use the masking technique for sophisticated cropping. This ensures that your images look perfect on virtually any background.

Image editing in 24 hours

We deliver your data as an open file with all information on path and transparency.

  • Remove elements
  • Skin retouching
  • Restorations
  • Manipulation detail

Disturbing elements

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that not all photos are successful and there is no time or opportunity to retake these photos after viewing. Our graphic designers ensure that even unsuccessful, incorrectly exposed or skewed images are usable again. We will be happy to correct the colors and adjust the lighting for you. We realign your images or crop them according to your specifications for direct use. Processing usually takes place within 24 hours.


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