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Bulk Prices
10-24 Pcs. – € 8.95 | 25-99 Pcs. – € 7.95
For larger quantities, please contact us.

Cut out for trade, e-commerce, photographers and private in top quality.

  • If no special instructions are required, leave the field blank. You will then receive cutouts as .PNG with a transparent background.

    If you want to send a picture as a sample, please upload it here.

    • (max file size 512 MB)

    Select the desired output format

    Enter the desired output format.

    If not "transparent", choose a background color


    If desired, we can also make product image retouching.

    • 2.1645 $
    • 2.1645 $
    • 2.8665 $
    • 1.6965 $
    • 0.9945 $
    • 2.1645 $

    Enter the value for the shadow cast. 1 "left," 5 "center", 9 "right"

    Specify the mirroring value. 1 "left," 5 "center", 9 "right"

    Enter the desired size in pixels (max. 6) z. B. 1200x780,2400x1560, ...

    Brightness +/-

    Contrast +/-

    Saturation +/-


Cut-out for online retailers, photographers and for everyone who needs objects in pictures. For further processing in online shops, Amazon, ebay, TaoBao, Tmall, catalogs, photo montages, posters, brochures, etc.

We deliver the cut out in every possible image format with a manually set path. Additional options such as drop shadow and mirror effect are optional. We also do the resizing and generate the desired image format. We will remove fingerprints on the objects as well as dust and scratches on the exempted elements, if desired.

The images are available as .png with a transparent background. If you want a different format, please indicate this when ordering. The delivery takes place within 24 hours as a download in a ZIP file. If you have to go fast, choose the “Express” option. You will then receive the pictures back within 8 hours.

The prices for cut out depend on the quantity. Please refer to the table for this. If you regularly have large amounts of cut-outs, please contact our support via the “Retouch request” tab.

First select the images you want to edit. To do this, click on the field for the image upload and mark the photos on your data carrier.

Product Image Cut out

When all pictures are selected click on “Upload pictures”. After uploading the images, you have the option to delete any incorrectly selected images or to add additional images to the set.

Under “Info & Options”, enter any further retouching instructions that are to be carried out in addition to the exemption.

If the selected image material is complete and correct, place the order in the shopping cart. You can then view the loaded images again in the shopping cart.

The further process is typical of the online shop. Go to the checkout. Enter your details and select payment method. Bank transfer and PayPal are currently available.

After completing the order and receipt of payment, processing takes place. This usually takes 24 hours. For urgent work you have the option to select Express Image Processing under “Info & Options”.

As soon as the image processing is completed, you will receive an email and can download the finished cut-outs in your account.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support under “Contact”.

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